Helmet Fitting Guide

 source : http://www.best-motorcycle-gear.com/motorcycle-helmet.html

Helmet Fitting Guide: Get a perfect fit

fitting guide for a helmet

  1. Use a manufactures fitting chart and measuring tape. (1)
  2. Find the corresponding helmet category
    (e.g. Small, Large, Extra Large …)
  3. Open helmet by pulling chin straps outwards and place over your head. (2)
  4. A helmet should fit tight on your head.
  5. The helmet should feel comfortable.
  6. Check the helmet surrounds your forehead tightly…(3)
    (you cannot put your thumb between your forehead and helmet).
  7. Adjust and close the chinstrap.
  8. Chinstrap may not be pushing against your neck
  9. Shake your head, the helmet itself may not move! (4)
  10. Make sure you can’t slide the helmet of your head. (5)
  11. Sit on your motorcycle in a riding position… the top of the helmet may not influence your vision.
  12. To the left and right should be 100% vision
    (but this is required from the manufactures by law)
  13. If you wear glasses make sure to try them on with the helmet. (6)
  14. Full faced masks need at least a finger in front of your chin.
  15. Press down on the top of the helmet (hold it their)… make sure it feels comfy and surrounds the whole of your head.
  16. Check for all the features you want / need.
  17. Wear it for at least 5 minutes and check irritation points.(7)

Note: the inner lining will shrink a bite, making the helmet a bite looser.


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