Aman = Nyaman

Safe riding is always good riding.

Riding safely is mostly a matter of knowledge and attitude, and riding safely doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, practicing safe techniques could add years of fun to your life.

that will help keep you safe and make riding more enjoyable. (START)

1. Be ready: mind, body, and bike.

2. Be smooth.

3. Know where you are.

4. Use your head (to look where you’re going.)

5. When your line of sight or path of travel becomes restricted, reduce your speed and use great care.

6. Before proceeding through any intersection, check left, check front, check right, then check left again.

7. Whenever you slow, first check your rearview mirror.

8. Keep a 2-4 second following distance.

9. Ride with a great attitude.

10. Practice.

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